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Lets Get Shirty

Posted on March 15 2017

Firstly, let me share with you the fact that I simply love shirts!  They are a great transitional piece as we move from the cooler months into the warmth of spring and summer.  A shirt comes into its own when you think about layering - simply wear a cami (or in my case a thermal vest!) when its cooler and top with a cardigan or jumper, then come the warmer temperatures you can wear on its own or even open over a matching vest.  This season we are seeing lots of dramatic sleeves and ruffles - not for everyone, I know, but I loved this shirt as it had some sleeve detail whilst still a straight body - you dont always want lots of fabric billowing around you - us ladies dont like to feel bulkier than we have too!


Blue - be it pale chambery or vibrant royal, is such a flattering colour especially as we are emerging from the months where our skin is rather pale.  You can team it with your denim jeans (my favourite being Amazing Woman Jeans as they are high waisted and very comfortable) or as we have the confidence to bare our skin, some capri trousers or a denim skirt.

Floral patterns are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or hate them.  For me, I think if you have a flattering colour mix for your complexion, its a good fun addition to your wardrobe.  This floral shirt in indigo and white is a good example.  A great holiday piece as lightweight to pack and can be worn with white jeans on a summers evening or as a coverup if you have had a bit too much sun!


Not exactly a shirt I know, but as we were talking about blue tops, I thought I would share this lovely soft chambery blue jumper with you.  A subtle v-neck and the softest fabric, I have to say its a clear winner for any spring wardrobe!



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