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Are Jeans Your Favourite Item of Clothing?

Posted on May 12 2018

I came across an article online recently by the  Daily Mail. They reported that women over 50 named jeans as their favourite item of clothing. As I am in this bracket I could only agree and was drawn in to read about the study. I don’t know about my fellow ‘fiftiers’ but I do however think to find jeans for women over 50, that are flattering,  is not an easy task. Gone are the days when I want to show (or people want to see!) my midriff – it’s a high waist for me everytime!
Even though the article said women over 50 are emerging as Britain’s most powerful consumer group there is still a gaping hole of suitable options in the denim department.  Some of you may be aware of the brand I stock – Amazing Woman Jeans.  After lots of research, and positive feedback from you, we find these tick the box when it comes to comfort and style.  I have recently expanded the styles and colours  so hopefully there is a style for you.

 Some Personal Tips When Choosing Amazing Woman Jeans

  • This brand of jeans come up true to size apart for the 12moonlt which I would suggest you go up a size as they are a skinny leg rather than straight.
  • If you are an in-between size we can offer you the denim or black jean in sizes 11 or 13.  The coloured jeans are only in the mainstream sizes.
  • Darker washes are always more slimming – the most popular being 02moonlt in Indigo, SW or black.  


  • A pair of white jeans is a great investment for the summer. They are incredibly versatile and look so good – especially if you do not like to bare your legs all the time and like to layer your outfits. If you opt for a skinny leg you can team them with floaty tops or kaftan style tunics. The new ankle grabber from Amazing Woman in the 12Moonlt style is perfect for this, as is the slightly thicker Venus12.


So, since jeans are our favourite item of clothing is it time to have a look in the wardrobe and fill in the gaps?!   

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