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A Great Reason to Actually Love the Rain!

Posted on March 12 2018

If you are looking to stay dry whilst out and about, on the school run or a fellow avid dog walker, a RAINS raincoat is a valuable asset to your coat wardrobe - something I can personally vouch for!

For many years I have drudged around looking like some sort of ski, hiking misfit!  Not able to find a stylish waterproof coat meant I would wear some strange mixes - husbands ski jacket with the waterproof trousers my Godson left years ago - anything to keep dry on the dog walk. 

I was introduced to RAINS and have not looked back.

This collection of jackets and coats are stylish yet totally functional - its my best friend on a rainy day. I am happy to brave the drizzle as they have a sensible sized hood - not one that stops before your fringe starts.  The visor on the hood means you are not left with drips running down your face and water droplets falling onto your mascara!

The style is such that they are wide and comfortable.  Through the colder times I have been wearing a puffa coat underneath for extra warmth, yet the underarm ventilation holes mean I am totally comfortable and not overheating!

If you prefer a smarter, trench style coat there is also a Curve from the same company.  This raincoat is certainly more stylish than Urban - a belted coat that you can easily dress over a suit and look business-like (yet dry!).


Now, because I am such a fan of this brand, I had to share with you a wonderful new style that RAINS have just launched - a Parka in Camo!  What is not to love?  Now I can do my daily walks with the pooches in camouflage, yet feel I am reliving my 'Mod' era!

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