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Visiting Suppliers in Paris

Posted on August 24 2013

Its the time of year when we transfer the shop from a haven of summer collections to a den of autumn loveliness!  It seems rather ironic when we are still basking in the best summer that the UK has seen for about 5 years. To kick start the process I have visited some of our key suppliers in Paris to view the new collections and place our orders.  Its a flying trip and certainly a busy but exciting couple of days.  Paris is such a beautiful city and I always wish I could spend more time exploring.

The buildings are full of character and each corner you turn I am continually intrigued by the beauty of the architecture.  I always love seeing the Centre Pompidou - a high-tech structure which houses a vast public library and the largest National Art Museum in Europe.   

The Parisiennes have a great cafe culture and the streets are lined with people sat outside with their coffees and Pastis - an anise-flavoured liqueur.


One of my favourite walks between suppliers is over the River Sienne into the Marais district - especially during the summer because they have a fake beach set up alongside the river!  Sand is imported, beach bars erected and beach volleyball is played daily - its a great site to see!


So, its now time to unpack the lovely new collections and start filling the shop - I'll show you the new pictures soon....

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