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Dartmouth Beach Life

Posted on July 17 2013

We are all basking in the fantastic summer sun - dare I say, heatwave (?!!), which has been a long time coming.  We are really lucky here in Dartmouth because within a few miles we are fortunate to have the most stunning beaches which we can quickly escape to.  Sunday was a fantastic day and straight from work we made our way to Slapton Sands.  This is a really long  beach made up of fine shingle.  Arriving at 5 o'clock you would imagine the temperatures to be dropping but no, it was fantastic.  We decamped and set up the bbq, laid out the blankets and there we stayed until about 9pm - how many years since we have had this sort of summer! Another beach which is even closer is Blackpool Sands - a stunning sheltered bay surrounded by pine trees and with the brightest blue sea you would associate more with the Mediterranean.  We love this beach, and it is great for children, but as pooches are not allowed during the summer we had to give it a miss! When you come to Dartmouth do go and visit it though - the beach Cafe (Venus) offers great local organic food and there are clean toilets and showers for you to use. Spend the evening in the cafe before heading home - perfect!

The lovely Blackpool Sands!

Chilling on Slapton Sands - the gorgeous South Devon coast


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