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New Out of Xile Collection for Late Summer Weddings and Celebrations

Posted on July 04 2015

The clouds have definitely parted and the sunshine is blessing us with its rays - Summer is certainly here!!  We have had a lot of ladies visiting in the last couple of weeks who have received invitations to birthday parties, celebrations and even weddings that are taking place in the next few weeks and they are nervous it is too late to get the 'right' outfit this late into the season.  FEAR NOT!!! We are still receiving boxes are gorgeous clothes that will help you with any wardrobe crisis!

If you are to be Mother of The Bride or Groom, as we have discussed in previous blogs, this can be a daunting time for you when trying to find the perfect outfit.  Some tips that we can offer - mainly learnt from our lovely customers are:

1.  Whatever type of wedding you are attending, take into account the weather, the venue and the religious/cultural customs that may effect what you wear.

2.  Experts say that there is only one colour that you should avoid wearing - the same colour as the bride - it's her day so she should stand out!  Try to choose a colour that will blend with the chosen theme for bridesmaids, however gone are the days where you have to blend and tone with everything from the napkins to the favour bags!

3.  Be comfortable.  When you try on your outfit consider that you will be sitting down in it so is it appropriate? Also, if in the changing room you are fiddling with something will you be doing this on the day?!

If you are attending a birthday party or celebration the 'rules' are more relaxed and you are usually given advice on the invitation on the dress code - if in any doubt, ring the host! They will be more than pleased that you are taking such care in your outfit!

We have shown you pictures of our latest delivery from Out of Xile.  All the pieces can be mixed and matched so gives lots of different options to choose from.

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