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Meisie Clothing from Spain Now Available at Danielli Dartmouth

Posted on April 27 2015

Meisie Clothing is a Spanish brand that was born in 2009.  Two creative entrepreneurs, Marc Sorensen and Moelia Peinado pooled their passion for fashion and all the knowledge that they had gained whilst working for various Scandinavian fashion companies. Their aim was to offer boutiques such as Danielli a quality product that was affordable.  They focused on design that was inspired by a bohemian and romantic feel but did not want to compromise on finishes and fabrics.  They made numerous trips around the world collecting ideas so that they could provide us with a very individual identity. 


Meisie means small girl and it was the name name Marc's Dutch gramdma used for her daughters when they were young.  A personal tribute to his family.

We particularly like that the product blends together giving you lots of different options on how to wear - and age is no barrier as the collections can be layered to give various looks.  The T-shirts and summer kaftans are all of beautiful quality and look equally at home on the beach in the Mediterranean or on a beach here in Dartmouth! #beachwear #meisie-clothing


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