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Out of Xile' Cathy Hewlett visits Danielli

Posted on March 06 2014

Whilst we were still unpacking with excitement the new spring collection we were pleased to welcome the creator and founder of Out of Xile to Danielli - joined by our old friend Anthony Packer.  It was Cathy's first visit to our shop and we were pleased to hear how impressed she was not only with our Out of Xile displays but also our shop and the beautiful town of Dartmouth.  


Because we work so far in advance, Anthony had brought us the collection for next winter to see and choose from - its always strange trying to pre-guess what people will be wanting when this winter doesn't yet feel over!  The colours were lovely and my personal favourite was the gold tweed collection - long coats, cropped jackets and swing skirts - all great items that can mix and match with each other.

Cathy had just joined Twitter so it was great to see that we were mentioned on one of her first tweets!

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